Friday, 6 November 2015


Halloween seems like forever ago yet it has not even been a week yet! I thought I would share some photos. As you can probably tell I dressed up as a mermaid or rather a drowning mermaid as I had a horrific cough/disappearing voice. After pinteresting some ideas I came across mermaid make up with scales. Simple and easy for someone who lacks any artistic skills. The trick is to use fishnet tights over your head! I ended up using a wig cap, the first fishnets I bought were too thick and a practice run showed they wouldn't work. I struggled to find thin fishnets that were under £5. A wig cap at 99p was a much better idea and more comfortable to wear over your face. 

I started by applying foundation normally and giving it a little while to settle. Starting with the eye area I applied blue Seventeen eye shadow with a brush then purple Revolution shadow for definition. I attempted to contour my nose with the purple but it didn't look right instead of starting again I piled on more blue which seemed to work better. It was time to pull the cap over my face, mixed the blue shadow with some primer and applied with a cheap sponge that can be thrown out after all that shimmer will be tough to get out a beauty blender. Using the purple eye shadow to definite then used  silver Illamasqua liquid metal shadow as a highlight. Removed the cap with help of extra hands to avoid smudging to reveal the scales. Filled in brows, added liner and mascara then loaded on Revolution purple lipstick and dabbing liquid metal to the centre of the lips. I used Bleach London's hair crayons in Bruised Violet and Washed Up Mermaid in random sections which was hard to get the colour pay off and ended up giving up due to running out of time. Perhaps hair chalk would have been easier and quicker. I didn't go for whole the shell top and fish tail costume because any plus size costumes are a fortune and wouldn't have arrived on time, plus this is Scotland in October which means it's a better idea to stay warm. I already had the shell print dress and purple tights and bought the starfish clip from Ebay.

What did you get up to for Halloween? 

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