Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Dress - New Look Inspire
Cardigan - F+F 
Shoes - Rocket Dog via Schuh 

Merry Christmas! I wore this to a trip to the pub with some friends on Christmas Eve Eve (I just have to say it that way!) for some Christmas drinks. I wanted to wear something nice as I feel like i have been living in my uniforms. I have posted about this dress before back in my first post. I love this dress as it can be dressed up or down so easily. I Wore the thick cardigan as i knew I would be cold outside with a thinner one as there was a very bitterly cold wind. 

I have always had a thing for glittery shoes and I bought these back in January in the sales.They are comfy but seem to hurt my toes if I am walking down hills as My feet slide forward in them. I have a pair of glittery heeled brogues too. I know I am getting a pair of glittery boots and another pair of glittery brogues for Christmas. My glittery shoe collection is sure to grow quickly.

I am always jealous of bloggers who manage to find such good things in Primark, I never have such luck. My local store apparently gets sent the reject stock that doesn't sell in Manchester!When I'm in Glasgow the shop seems so disorganised and huge that it puts me off and I normally end up walking in one entrance and straight out the other one at the other side of the store. This pearl collar necklace caught my eye and I had to buy it at only £4. I have wanted one for so long but wasn't willing to pay £12 for a one.

I really liked my make-up so I am going to post this photo of my face. My eyeshadow is a Barry M glitter pot and it is really sheer with specks of glitter so it is a subtle sparkle but you can layer it up for a more intense look. My Lancome foudantion ran out and I had to really scrape the remainder out with a cotton bud but I am getting some more for Christmas :) I used Rimmel's gel eyeliner with my eco-tools slanted eyeliner brush and Lancome Hypnose Star mascara, which I got a free tester size with Tatler magazine afew months ago. My lipstick is the bloggersphere favourite Revlon's Cherries In The Snow. 

Hope santa is good too and you all have a lovely Christmas :)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Glasgow at Christmas.

Last week on one of my days off, Raymond and I took a train to Glasgow to meet up with our friends Amy and Adam. I thought I would share some photos from the trip. We went to for some lunch at INDNT (used to be Muse) on Queen Street then we headed to the continental  market on St.Enoch's Square where I had wanted to try Churros that I have seen all over tumblr but on discovering that they were £5 for a cone I swiftly changed my mind! I need to get into a more blogging mind set and remember to take photos more. I didn't take any photos at the market before we headed into the St. Enoch's shopping centre where we were met by giant reindeer.

After some shopping we headed to George Square where I was most excited for the carousel. I LOVE carousels! They are one of my favourite things but only seem to see them pop up at Christmas time. I wish there was one I could always go on. Here are some photos from around George Square.

You would think that being in the middle of two fine men I would look happier but I seem to have developed bitch face syndrome! 

Then it was carousel time! I wish it wasn't £2.50 a ride as I would have happily went on it another ten times. Needless to say we were the oldest people on without a child with them, I did not even care! 

Seriously just look how beautiful Amy is. She always gives me hair envy, and skin envy (and just about everything else envy!). 

Adam and Amy went on the chair swing(?) and needed to include this photo for Adam's expression. I did not join them as I have a great fear of heights and just watching the chair swings made me nervous. 

I had to include photos of my all time favourite lights at Exchange Square. These lights have been my favourite since as long as I can remember.

I wanted to take an outfit photo by those columns but I was too scared :( and with it being one of the busiest areas I am not confident enough to do it. I think I need to find quieter places to start off outside outfit photos which I really want to do. 

Any tips on outside photos for beginners? 

Monday, 10 December 2012

A graduation outfit

 Dress - Red Herring 
Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins 
Shoes - Schu
Last Friday, (November 30th), was my boyfriend Raymond's graduation and I thought I do a short post on what I wore seeing as I wrote a post about finding a new dress for it. I wasn't feeling a 100% hence the odd expressions in both photos but the last photo was the only near enough full length photo that was taken that I am. I forgot that the uni's colour was red and didn't wear the red to match, I wanted to wear my gold sparkly cardigan but with glittery shoes it felt abit too much for daytime and my red cardigan is warmer! There are more photos of him as it was a day to make him feel special. I am proud of him for sticking at uni :)

The dress was on offer and I got it for £28. I liked the gold studs on it but something wasn't right with it and after a while I decided to take the belt off and it looked so much better. The belt looks different in this photo, but in reality it is a very cheap belt and the gold colour made the dress look cheap even though it is priced at £38! The bottom half of the dress fitted nicely but the top half seemed too big and made it hang too low for me. My mum worked some magic and added acouple of stitches to stop gaping at the front and back as well as under the arms. I still decided to wear a top underneath cause it was cold and just to cover up abit more for daytime. Below is a stock photo of my shoes I wore, I forgot to take a photo of them on. I got them back in July in the Schuh sale with some money I got given for my graduation.

I probably won't be posting very often upto christmas anyway, as now I am working two jobs! One is in a shop and one as a followspot volunteer for the pantomime at the local theatre that is re-opening after being shut for nearly 5 years. Today has been my first day off for 7 days! Hope everyone managed to enjoy their weekend.