Sunday, 21 April 2013

Lunch date.

 Dress - Dorothy Perkins 
Cardigan - New Look 

This is what I wore on Friday to go on a lunch date to Frankie and Benny's with my boyfriend for our anniversary of 5 years (that makes me feel kinda old!).  This dress is one of my favourites I think I had it for at least 2 years. I like to call it my fruit salad dress as it reminds me of the wrapping paper of those sweets. I love the bow detail on the back.The first outfit post taken in my newly painted room. Turns out facing the windows works better lighting wise, imagine that.

Shoes - Tk Maxx 
Necklace - Accessorize

The shoes are also old, these often get forgotten about as due to the heart heel they can be awkward for walking in for awhile but you've got to admit they are pretty adorable so it's worth putting up with. I remember looking for a daisy chain necklace last year and thought I found the perfect one but the daisies were a pixlated photo put in plastic so when I saw this one I had to get it. It supposed to be worn with as collar but I am prefer to wear it longer with my necklace extenders which is probably way it ends up turning round all the time. 

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Adventures in Bath Part 1

At the beginning of last month my boyfriend and I took a trip down to Bath to visit my sister. I thought I'd share some of my favourite photos from this trip. It was my 3rd visit to the city and his 2nd so not many photos were taken this time round, that and the weather wasn't particularly nice for standing about to take photos. We also made the grave mistake of getting a 8.40am flight on Thursday. I know that doesn't sound early but when you've got to factor in trains and buses to the airport then it ends up being a 4am start, which pretty much had us knackered the whole time. In true accident prone style when walking down a very steep hill I slipped on drain and hurt my knee very badly! I'm not talking about just a skinned knee, I'm talking about a full on swollen knee as well. Of course this was on the first night so spent the full four days hobbling about attempting to keep up!

On Friday we had a laid back day and wondered round the city centre for a few hours and had a nosy in some shops, where I surprisingly bought nothing. After a change and refreshing of make-up we headed out for dinner at Market then off to meet my sister's colleagues for drinks at The Cork. 

On Saturday we ventured over to Bristol where we had planned to go to the planetarium but we were unaware that it should be booked in advance and it was sold out. I am still confused as to how it was only a pound more than the @Bristol Science stuff but we decided against it and wondered about for what seemed like a long time to eventually get to Cabot Circus. I must say I was expecting great and amazing things from the stores and that they would have different stuff but really they weren't any different from the larger stores back in Glasgow. I only bought a top, which I wore here. It was still a nice a day and it is always funny to see how excited Raymond gets at the water!



Being surprised that his hands were wet after playing in the water!

Part two to follow soon. Have you ever visited Bath or Bristol?

P.s I just got round to making my own header. It not the most artistic or creative but it took me an embarrassingly long time but I am pleased with it. What do you think of it?