Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Adventures in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is my favourite place to go at Christmas and last week I finally got to go again. It had been two years since my last visit as I was working two jobs last December. It was an understatement to say I was excited. We didn't really have a plan in mind as it is nice just to walk the streets and markets admiring all the lights. I would have loved to do outfit photos but a) it was freezing and b) I don't have the confidence to pose when other people are watching. 

As you can see my boyfriend Raymond decided to demonstrate how to pose in public but this was this was the best I could manage. If you follow me on Instagram then you'll probably know that I am slightly obssesed with carousels, I am not even going to pretend that it's not my favourite thing about Christmas markets. This year the one in Edinburgh was amazing. The horses were so extravagant and grand looking. Just look at them! I would have loved to have gone on again in the dark but it was a rather ridiculous £4 each.

Raymond had got a new 50mm prime lens for his camera and wanted to experiment with it so I instructed him on what photos to take for me. After wandering round the market we took a walk up our favourite street and then the Royal Mile to visit the Fudge Kitchen (which is a compulsory when near one). We also visited The Childhood Museum which is right next door. I always like looking at the old toys some that even I remember playing like the fishing pole game. We continued up to stroll about the streets ending up on Grass market before giving into to hunger and going dinner at The Filling Station. After dinner we took another walk round the market in the dark before heading for the train.

Where is your favourite place to visit at Christmas?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A December Wishlist

1. I love the tartan trend that is about at the moment I have only got a shirt and a scarf at the moment but I would really love a dress. I have seen ones I like but nothing I have fell in love with. This dress from River Island changed that instantly, it the little cute collar that makes it different from others I've seen. As it has a high neckline I should really try it on in store but doesn't seem to be in stores near me yet. 

2. I already have a pair of Dr Martens shoes and boots so I don't need any but this glittery red pair from Office are amazing. I don't think they will ever be mine at a painful £245. There is also a pair of black boots in a similar style and an even larger price tag of £290!

3. This wooden typewriter key necklace from Ladybird Likes has been on my list for a long time. I always like initial necklaces but find often that the ones with 'C' on them never look as nice as the other letters. This one changed my mind about that. 

4. This beautiful snowflake necklace from Pandora caught my eye in a shop window and I think it looks so much better in person. I wish I hadn't already given my boyfriend my list of links for things to buy me gift list cause this would be on it. It goes without saying that it is part of the Christmas collection, if it's caught your eye too then best get it on your lists! 

5. A black lace skater dress with sleeves is more difficult to find than you would think! The only reason that this New Look dress isn't mine is that is is almost completely sold out apart from a few sizes as they had a 25% off offer at the weekend. I haven't found it in a store yet but hopefully I will soon. 

6. I first saw these on a sales assistant in Topshop and thought they were amazing. I am not sure if I would wear them much but if they go into sale I may need to give in. They are unusual with the holographic effect and would be just add something extra to an outfit.

7. I am in need of a new purse and in my search for one I came across this little canvas pouch from Alphabet Bags it would be good for keeping make up in instead of overloading the inbuilt pockets inside my bags. 

 What's on your December wishlist?

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Bear Knuckle Fight

 Top - Oasis 
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins 
Doc Martens - Charity Shop 

The standard looking-down-with-hand-on-hip pose gets boring after a while so I thought I would try something out my comfort zone. I had more fun taken these. Even though the jumping shot is blurry I liked the effect. Let me know what you think! I fell in love with the top as it's the closest thing to my own dogs with the little poodles on it. I searched a while for a good denim skater skirt so as soon as I clocked this on the site it was straight in my basket, it has a zip at the back which gives it just that little bit extra. I have to say that the real stars of this outfit are my Doc Marten shoes. Since getting the boots last year I keep looking at the shoes but all the styles I liked were always at least hitting the £100 mark! Whilst wasting some time in a town I never go to I went into a charity shop and found these. There was no price on them so having seen Docs in vintage shops for £20 I thought that would be the highest I was willing to pay. The shop assistant went to find a price and came back with £4, naturally I snapped them up. They had a white mark across them but that came right off. They are obviously an older style as there is no yellow stitching or embossed logo. For £4 who cares?! I don't! I noticed that they were doing black without the yellow stitching so nobody will even notice.

 Rings - Forever 21 
Nails - Essie 'Plumberry' 
Necklace - Birthday Gift 

What's your best charity shop find? 

More Than Conquerors - Bear Knuckle Fight 

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Black hearts

 Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Tights - M&S 
Shoes - Urban Outfitters 
Necklace - Market stall 

I didn't really need another striped dress (or a dress at all) but when it was only £10 and I know that these skater dresses are so easy to wear. I remember seeing very similar tights last year in h&m but one size tights are not one size if you have shapely thighs. When I saw these on the M&S site, who I think do very good patterned tights, I waited for them to be in my local store but they never arrive. One day I discovered they were on sale for £1! Yes ONE WHOLE POUND, I ordered 3 or 4 pairs and then the polka dot version. I still think I should have got more! The necklace was bought at a market in the West End of Glasgow called 'Granny Would Be Proud', a place I wish I could go to so much  more often but sadly this was my first visit since March last year. I got this necklace and 3 pairs of earrings. I wish I got this amazing Alice In wonderland printed table, the only reason I didn't was because it wouldn't have been very practical to carry back on the subway, through the city centre and on the train home. I thought it would be online but it isn't. Not that I have any need for a table or anywhere to put it!

This week I became obsessed with this song. When I heard that The Darkness were doing a tour to celebrate ten years since Permission To Land (meaning I bought this album when I was 13!) was released I was excited but then the ticket prices put me off so I waited. The other day they were sold out and naturally I had to have them! They were only sold out on ticketmaster and got them through the band's own site can't believe I didn't think to check there. They were the first proper gig I went to, they played with Ash, when I was 14! Say what you want about them but the reality is that they really are all about a good laugh and some riffs.

 The Darkness - Black Shuck

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sweetheart, I'll give you all.

 Dress - Asos 
Shoes - Converse 
Necklace - Ladybird Likes
Sunglasses - Accessorize 
Ring - Topshop 

This is what I wore just for a day of getting those last minute things and the all important (and much needed) eyebrow threading before heading off down south to Bath to visit my sister. I got the dress in the Asos sale the other week for the bargain price of £11.50! It has flocked spots on it which I love but have been told they may come off after a few washes. I like the low scoop back as it makes it more summery. The dress is a tad short for me to go without tights but as Scotland seems to have gone back to normal, bearable summer temperatures then thinner tights can be worn without melting! I think the dress will go nicely with some thicker coloured tights.

I had been after red glittery heart necklace for sometime, they all seemed to be broken heart shapes rather than a full heart. My search was over after I stumbled upon Ladybird Likes after Ever So Juliet blogged about the shop so I clicked through the links and saw this necklace which there were only two left and swiftly prompted the boyfriend to get me it as a birthday gift, being a well trained boyfriend he did exactly that!

You can only see a peak of my nail colour but this was Essie's 'Butler Please' that I had been after for awhile not realising it must have been part of a season collection. I found it in TK Maxx in a set along with 'Beach Bum Blu' and 'Plumberry'. It was £9.99 for the pack of three so it's a pretty good deal when I would have snapped 'Butler Please' on it's own for 7.99! What nail colours are on your wishlist?

Lightspeed Champion - Sweetheart

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A red, red rose

You may or may not know that Ayr is the birth place of the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns so some of the local tourist attracts include, the Robert Burns Cottage, the Robert Burns Experience, and the Brig O' Doon. I think that the official names of each of these has changed several times but they are some of the popular tourist spots. A few weeks ago my mum, boyfriend and gran went to check out a farmers and craft fair at the Burns Experience and made it into a day out as the fair was about six tables at the entrance although they were nice things to look at and purchases were made I thought there would be more. The farmer's market was the next day desipite being advertised as the Saturday. It was such a hot day even though the sun still flickered behind the odd cloud. We had lunch outside and took a walk round the monument gardens and over the Brig O' Doon.

 Dress - Dorothy Perkins 
Shoes - Rocket Dog via TK Maxx 
Hat - Matalan 
Sunglasses & Bag - Accessorize 

At the start of summer I didn't have a nice little summer dress that I could just chuck on during warm days that was long enough to wear without tights. This little floral print dress was put start in the shopping basket when I found it along with the perfect denim skater skirt that I had been hunting for. The shoes where a find in TK Maxx, the yellow and white stripes (hard to see in the photo) seemed like a good summery combo. Although they are flat the insole is cushioned so it has molded to make my high arches comfortable. My next shoe mission is to find some nice sandals that aren't totally flat or heels. Why are so many sandals made totally flat? 

Where have you been on summer days out?  

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Home is wherever I'm with you

Top - Topshop
Skirt - River Island
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Accessorize
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Bracelet - local Jewellery maker 

Another long break between posts, but my laptop which was only bought back in January decided to break and had to be sent away to laptop hospital. This is from when I went to a little local event in a park for the Burns festival. I always loved the way that The Dainty Squid and Wish Wish Wish do their outside outfit shoots, so this was my very first attempt at mine. Obviously there is lighting issues but also bare in mind these were taken on my little Cannon compact. 

These photos make me excited to dye my hair this colour again this weekend.  All the items I'm wearing were sale items and all but the skirt are fairly old. The skirt was purchased a few weeks before these were taken. This outfit probably proves how much of a sale fiend I am. The current summer sales have me sucked right in! Does anyone else head straight for the giant sale signs? 

 Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros - Home 


Sunday, 30 June 2013

The sky line is burning red.

 Dress - Topshop 
Leather Jacket - Red Herring 
Boots - Topshop
Tights - M&S 
Necklace - Accesorize 

This is another outfit I wore a very long time ago now. This is what I wore to go out with my sister when she was back home for the week. It is very rare that you'll see me in sporting two Topshop items that aren't shoes or jewellery. I got both the dress and shoes in the sale awhile back in the same visit! Since I bought them I have also got the purple speckled version of this dress, a spotty skater skirt, and a daisy ring! The is proof that they have improved their sizes as I have not bought clothing from there in so long due to the sizings. I do think it still depends on the material. Does anyone else think their sizing has improved? The leather jacket I got for 18th a scary 5 years ago and is the only item of clothing I've ever had so long! I tried to add studs along the collar but only ended up putting 3 on as it is very difficult and painful for the thumbs.

Not sure if you can tell from these photos but I had dyed my hair 'Cherry Red' (well more a dark red really). I loved the colour but do wish that red didn't come out so quickly. I know using a permanent dye would last longer but from my experience it fades just as quick but also gives roots but semi permanent fades more evenly. I am too lazy and fickle for permanent hair dye. It's always the way that the colour I love most is the hardest to keep. Let's hope another box does the trick, even though the red is almost gone now over a month later. Maybe using putting some dye in conditioner is the secret but I don't know it semi permanent dye will work. There's always some kind of hair dilemma going on!

Remember that Google reader is closing so follow me here on Bloglovin! It's easy to set up an account and there's a button that imports all your favourite blogs from Google for you, simple as that!          

Biffy Clyro - Get Fucked Stud.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Let's start a revolution with our hearts on our sleeves

 Top - Tour merch. 
Cardigan - Forever 21+ 
Skirt - River Island 

This is what I wore for a trip to Glasgow way back at the beginning of May when it was still pretty cold, to visit the newly opened Lego shop. The top was bought at a Blood Red Shoes gig last year and I was surprised that a the ladies fit actually fit me as I normally fit that ladies fit are not forgiving of busty gals. I really love the design of it as it is unusual. The cardigan was my first purchase from the new Forever 21 store in Glasgow. I really liked it the first time I saw it but didn't want to pay full price as I rarely do. I managed to grab it in the sale there was only two sizes left I got the smaller one but probably could have got away with a size down, but I do like my knitwear loose fitting.

 Necklace - Pretty Cuckoo 
Boots - Topshop 

I had been after some casual ankle boots for awhile but hadn't found any at a price I was will to pay. I came across these in the sale at half price and snapped them up along with a dress which I'll show in my next post. It the been a very long time since I bought anything from Topshop, never mind two sale items! Although we are now past boots weather (fingers crossed!) they will get lots of wear when the colder weather returns. We got these cupcakes just outside the Lego store and wanted to include them as they are so good.

 I thought I would include my very first attempt at an outside outfit shot. I was trying to be discreet which my boyfriend does not understand the meaning of hence the awkward look while people all walk about! I would appreciate any tips anyone has on outside outfit posts for awkward and shy types. 

Coat - Evans (very old) 
Bag - Accesorize 

I am very excited to be going to see A Plastic Rose again on Saturday so here's one of my favourite songs/videos by them. Do check them out!