Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Let's start a revolution with our hearts on our sleeves

 Top - Tour merch. 
Cardigan - Forever 21+ 
Skirt - River Island 

This is what I wore for a trip to Glasgow way back at the beginning of May when it was still pretty cold, to visit the newly opened Lego shop. The top was bought at a Blood Red Shoes gig last year and I was surprised that a the ladies fit actually fit me as I normally fit that ladies fit are not forgiving of busty gals. I really love the design of it as it is unusual. The cardigan was my first purchase from the new Forever 21 store in Glasgow. I really liked it the first time I saw it but didn't want to pay full price as I rarely do. I managed to grab it in the sale there was only two sizes left I got the smaller one but probably could have got away with a size down, but I do like my knitwear loose fitting.

 Necklace - Pretty Cuckoo 
Boots - Topshop 

I had been after some casual ankle boots for awhile but hadn't found any at a price I was will to pay. I came across these in the sale at half price and snapped them up along with a dress which I'll show in my next post. It the been a very long time since I bought anything from Topshop, never mind two sale items! Although we are now past boots weather (fingers crossed!) they will get lots of wear when the colder weather returns. We got these cupcakes just outside the Lego store and wanted to include them as they are so good.

 I thought I would include my very first attempt at an outside outfit shot. I was trying to be discreet which my boyfriend does not understand the meaning of hence the awkward look while people all walk about! I would appreciate any tips anyone has on outside outfit posts for awkward and shy types. 

Coat - Evans (very old) 
Bag - Accesorize 

I am very excited to be going to see A Plastic Rose again on Saturday so here's one of my favourite songs/videos by them. Do check them out!

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  1. lovely post! really love the whole outfit, especially the red circle skirt!
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin?
    let me know :)
    - Janine