Sunday, 26 May 2013

Adventures in Bath Part 2

It has been well over a month since my last post and even longer since I posted the overdue first part of my adventures in Bath. On the Sunday we had planned to go to the Bath City Farm but after waking up that morning and discovering how cold and windy it was we decided against it as the farm is on top on very high hill so the animals would be hiding in their shelters from the cold. We walked down The Holburne museum stopping off at Royal Cresent (above) and The Circus (below) on the way there.

We had ventured to The Holburne Museum to look at the Folded Beauty exhibtion which was a collection of "elaborately folded napkins and linen made by Joan Sallas after Renaissance and Baroque patterns". It may not sound that interesting but they were very impressive! My favourite was this centerpiece. It was just mindblowing that these were all napkins/linens and would have be used on dining tables! After that we took a break to refuel at a cosy riverside cafe and then wondered along the river.

(Proof that I can smile in photos)

We browsed in some shops until it was 5pm and we could go look inside the Abbey. As it is a functioning church then there are limited times that you can visit. It was pretty spectacular inside. I will let these photos speak for themselves.

It started snowing again on the walk back from town it was a bit of a worry as we were due to fly home the next day lucky the snow didn't lie and the flight was fine but we did get incredible views of other parts of country that were covered in snow. As much as people complain about snow it sure does look beautiful from up high!

Have you ever had adventures in Bath?