Wednesday, 30 January 2013


 Cardigan - TU 
Top - New Look 
Skirt - M&Co  
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - Accesorize 
Shoes - Office  

This is what a wore for lunch and shopping on Sunday. Surprisingly the skirt is from M&Co, or as I still call it Mackays, which isn't somewhere that always comes to mind when shopping as they often seem to aim for an older age group. It was actually my mum that found it in the depths on a sale rail and got me it for Christmas. It's always worth having a look in shop you don't normally venture into as you can be surprised! The is very full, soft and swishable (I believe this has become an acceptable term!). It'll be lovely to wear with a colourful top in summer. 


The satchel was a steal at £7.50 in the sale. I had my eye on it for some time. It is deceptively roomy which is always a good thing. I really like the unusual cobalt blue colour. I love a pair of brogues. My shoe wardrobe is mainly brogues. I spied these studded beauties awhile ago in Office but at £60 it wasn't to be so I went home and bookmarked them to keep on watch for when they went on sale. They did and became another present. I must give a mention to the prompt Office delivery service. It was so quick despite the sale just kicking off and being the weekend before Christmas! They were ordered the pretty late the Thursday night and arrived on Saturday afternoon! That was just standard delivery too, hadn't expected them to come before Christmas at all.

General Fiasco - Waves

I had been looking forward to seeing General Fiasco again for months and with them being one of my favourite bands I was somewhat heartbroken when they announced their tour due to start this week was cancelled. I was supposed to be seeing them at King Tuts tomorrow night so here is the video they made for their single Waves which has shots from King Tuts, which I was at but can't be seen in the video. I hope it isn't the end for the band as they make great music, play great shows and are all really lovely and friendly guys who deserve success they've worked hard for. If anybody is after any other song suggestions just drop a comment and I'll be more than happy to give you some more. 

This was actually my first experience of having a band completely cancel a gig before. Has anybody else ever had the unfortunate experience of a cancelled gig?

Friday, 25 January 2013

Vanilla Black

Last week I took a quick trip to Glasgow with my boyfriend and friends. I had decided that it was time that our friends experienced the place that started my obsession with cupcakes! This place is a lovely little cafe on Sauchiehall Street called Vanilla Black. Sadly I had only thought of what I Should have taken photos of when I started writing this post, such as the window display of cakes and sweet treats, which is what enticed me in all those years ago.


 I just love the decor inside, with fairy lights, flowers, chandeliers and a cow print wall what's not to love. I love lunching in here as it always feels very relaxing. In summer tables are brought outside so on those rare days of Glasgow sunshine you can enjoy it while you eat and sip on a cold glass of pink lemonade. 

Now we come to the star of the show, the cupcakes! This will always be one of my favourite places to eat cupcakes. They are amazing and a total bargain at only £1.50 (they are huge!).

This is what I wore that day. It was snowing, not the lovely big flakes bit the tiny slushy stuff that's more like hard rain.
 Dress - Dorothy Perkins 
Cardigan - F+F 
Doc Martens - Dr Martens

I also wore these beautiful pilgrim earrings my boyfriend got my for Christmas (with no help or hints might I add). I could not believe how right he got it. I have always wanted pilgrim jewellery but don't think I ever mentioned this to him. 

Where's your favourite place to go for lunch?

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Glitter and Studs

Dress (DIY'd) - Dorothy Perkins 
Jumper - Dorothy Perkins 

Again this was a struggle with the light hence the dramatic difference in lighting although it won't help that this outfit is almost entirely black. I wanted a black studded collar shirt dress but all the dresses I liked were either too expensive or too small. After I had bought this dress when it went on sale and it did not occur to me until much later that I should have bought the black version too to put studs on it. By the time I had thought of that the dresses went down to a fiver and none were left in my size in black but there was a grey one. I bought the grey dress and some black dye and dyed it. It's a much more charcoal black colour which I think I prefer. I then ordered studs off Ebay and put them on the collar. It was simple enough but it was painful on my thumb and you have to push the studs through the fabric and I did this 50 times in one night! I had a numb thumb the next day. 

 Boots - New Look 
Socks - Topshop 

I loved these boots as soon as I saw them but I did not think that boots out of New look were worth £24.99 but I got these for Christmas as they went down to half off before Christmas. Sometimes it is worth holding out! The socks were a bad idea as they kept falling down and also cause my feet to slide about inside them. I seem to need insoles in all my shoes I wear with tights to combat this. I don't think these boots will last forever or even a year or two but who cares when they are glittery!

I thought I would include this cupcake from my favourite place in town, The Daisy Cupcake Cafe. If you follow me on Instagram (link to the right) then you might be able to tell that I am a regular in there ;) Yesterday they were giving away free cupcakes and my boyfriend ran down just as they flipped the sign to get the last one, I at this time did not even know about the freebies. This is a strawberry one and I do love how it looks like it has ears, adorable! I am now sad I've eaten the cupcake now as it was very tasty and I want more!