Saturday, 25 January 2014

Some Sale Finds

I love a bargain and rarely buy any clothes full price. I hadn't picked up much since the sales started back on Boxing Day but I normally find that I they get better a week or two after the everyone gets back to work/school. I went to Glasgow this week and had a successful shopping trip. I had nipped into town yesterday just for something to do on my day off and ended buying a few things in the sale. I love watching sale hauls on you tube but I really, really hate the sound of my voice recorded (Doesn't everyone?). I thought I would out an outfit together of my some recent sale finds. 
 Coat - Topshop 
Jumper - Dorothy Perkins 
Skirt - M&S 
Shoes - Clarks 
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins 
I had spotted this coat online and fell in love but I always need to try coats on so I kept obsessively checking the in store store until I could get to Glasgow and hunt it down. It looked more purple online but I really love the shade anyway. It was £35 reduced from around the £60. I have missed having coloured coats and jackets in my wardrobe. Also let's just ignore the fact that it is the same colour as the carpet!

I like hearts and statement necklaces. I am sure I spotted this necklace before and liked it but just hadn't seen it cheap it enough for my liking. When I saw it was down to £1.50 from £6.50 I grabbed it. 

I am very much a dog person, but cats seem to more popular for cute prints. I first saw this online and did like it but didn't think it would suit me. I really like the simple design, it's not too obviously that it's even a cat until you look closer.  I found it in my size in store, it was tried on then swiftly purchased. It was £22 reduced to £10.

There's been alot of things that i've been liking from M&S the past few months. I'm sure this is a redesign of a very similar purple pattern from summer but I like it all the same. It was £29.50 down to a much more reasonable £8.99.

I got these shoes in the sale before Christmas. I had my eye on some patent burgundy brogues but they didn't fit quite right. I have too many pairs of brogues anyway. I tried these on and felt so much better, they've got built in foot cushions! They still need insoles as I always find my feet slide about inside shoes when I wear tights. I am not sure how what the full price of these but probably around the £60 mark at least. I got these at £39.99, my mum kindly went halfers for part of my Christmas.

What have your sale finds been? 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

We're Passing Ships In The Night

Jumper - Monsoon
Dress - Topshop 
Boots - Matalan 

This outfit is somewhat very delayed as this is what I wore when I had a rare day off between Christmas and New Year. I wore this to the cinema to see The Hobbit, knowing that it would be a long film and that I am always cold in the cinema I went for comfy and warm. I still ended up having my wool coat wrapped round me! The jumper is lovely and thick so does normally keep me warm enough. I like the gems round the neckline as it reminds me of that Topshop Jumper everyone seems to have and love but mine was alot cheaper after a discount, pretty sure it was under £15!

I have always loved this style of boots but never managed to find the pair that was just right for me. Always too pointy, too high or simply way too expensive. I found these in Matalan before Christmas and my mum bought them to give to me on the day, which is pretty much common practice now. I haven't walked very far in these boots yet but so far they seem pretty comfy. I didn't think that these boots went with the purple dress when I first put it together but I wanted to wear the boots as it was my first chance to, but I don't think that the colours clash too much.

Queens of the Stone Age - I Sat By The Ocean

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

This Side Of Winter

 Dress - Red Herring 
Cardigan - M&S  
Bag + Necklace - Accessorize 
Bracelets - Oasis + Topshop

This new year was a bit different for me this year as instead of our yearly tradition of gathering at a friend's house, who had opted to getaway with family instead, we ended up going out. I found it odd not watching the celebrations in Edinburgh on the TV but also that the club we were in didn't make a big deal about it turning midnight to surprise to even the staff so it went by in some confusion to whether it had just happened or not. I had ordered an Asos lace dress to wear but it just far too big for me, I sized up as my size was sold out. This was my planned back up outfit. The dress was bought to wear for my boyfriend's graduation last year. I love the cardigan and has been my first choice when picking an outfit since I bought it. I've found myself loving many  M&S products this season. I am really loving their jeggings, skinny fit but kinder to those with shapely thighs not to mention comfortable! This is not a sponsored post if you were wondering, they just seem to be getting it right at the moment.

Floral Headband - Crown and Glory 
Shoes - Schuh 

I have been after a Crown and Glory headband for a very long time, spending hours looking on the site. I could never justify buying one when I didn't have somewhere special to wear it but I found myself hunting for similar ones on the high street that where never exactly what I wanted. When a special 25% off code was released I had to order this one along with a glitter bow. I am very happy with it. The quality is amazing and I know that Sophie who makes them all put a lot of hard work into it. I thought it would satisfy my need for Crown and Glory but I fear it may have been fuel for an addiction as I have this one currently one the way to me. I ended up switching the heels for flats cause of the rain and the bag for a one I could fit an umbrella in. I'm glad I did when it started raining during the 25 minute wait for a taxi home. 

 Happy New Year! How did you see in the bells? 

 A Plastic Rose - This Side Of Winter