Thursday, 26 June 2014

Blue Blood Blues

Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Sandals - River Island
Sunglasses - Accessorize 
Flower slides - Crown & Glory 

These photos were taken on possibly the hottest day of the year so far after walking about for a few hours which probably isn't the greatest idea but then add in that being pale as a ghost I put on some factor 50, the transparent spray kind, and it wouldn't sink into my skin so became a shiny oily messy. My sister also used it and it didn't do this to her. As my hair was down it touched the oily mess and went all greasy and strange despite having washed it the night before. Never again! I bought the good old fashioned cream sun protection the next day.

The dress is technically a birthday present as I used a voucher. I love the thicker straps and longer length. I often wear leggings under my summer dresses to avoid passer-by getting an eyeful, with this dress I didn't feel the need to. I saw the sandal way back in January in the sale and I bought them (Yes, I'm one of those people!) knowing that come summer I as always I would struggle to fit sandals that weren't completely flat or sky high. Admittedly they aren't the most flattering on my legs, but they are comfortable and at the end of the day that's all you want in shoes!

While taking these photos my labradoodle Jake decided to have a pose as well so I thought I'd share them with you. If you want to see more of him follow me on Instagram where he appears regularly with my labrador Ben.

The Dead Weather - Blue Blood Blues 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Get up, wipe the smoke from your eyes

 Dress - Asos
Jumper - Dorothy Perkins 
 Dr Martens - Charity shop 
Collar Clips - Ladybird Likes
Bag - Electric Daisy 

Last week I shot some photos for my guest post Scots Bloggers which you can see here. This was the casual look and it was my favourite out of the three ways I styled this dress. I'm sure I've featured all these items so there isn't much to say except to mention my bargain of the century £4 Dr Martens. I persistant to wear them even though they give my blisters from them. It might be to do with that that are shaped to someone else's feet despite not even looking like they had been worn outside when I got them Luckiest find ever in a charity shop! The bag is from a local independent shop a few years ago. I love this jumper with this dress, particularly the red collar against the black jumper. The little red nose of the cat face ties it all together. The heart collar clips also match the little heart nose. 

What's been your luckiest charity shop find?  

More Than Conquerors - When The Well Runs Dry 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

May Favourites

Here's my monthly favourites, not exactly photogenic ones but they are good products and at the end of the day that's all that matters. I wanted to get these up on time but couldn't get my hands on my usual camera as it was busy being used elsewhere recently. My little compact had to make do this time round. 

I needed a hair mask and this was on offer for under £2, in the basket it went. When I used this for the first time I noticed a difference straight away shinier and softer hair. It feels really nourishing and smells good. After that first use I decided to stock up on another plus the shampoo and conditioner too while they were still on such a good offer. They are now on 2 for £6.

I used Batiste for years but only used it when times were desperate as I didn't really like it much. I have been using the Dove dry shampoo when my hair wasn't that dirty and needed a little bit of volume. It doesn't leave any white powder no matter how much you use and it smells good too. 

I couldn't make my mind up over between Peach Daiquiri or Cute as a Button but when my beady eye spotted that Peach Daiquiri came in a set with Lilacism, you can guess which one I went for, especially as it counted as my 3 for 2 freebie! It's a lovely almost neon pinky coral and a perfect summer colour and lasts well as most Essie polishes do. 

You've probably heard of the Super Spot Remover before and it's worth talking about for a reason. Depending on the type of blemish it's used on (I get all kinds) it either dramatically reduces smaller ones or with those painful under the skin lumpy types seems to speed the whole process up while reducing the size slighty. It is expensive for such a small bottle but you use a tiny amount each time. The first bottle I bought lasted 6 months with almost daily use. I will soon be repurchasing my third.


I've been trying to grow the front part of my eyebrows for a what feels like forever. Using powder to fill them in wasn't always enough for me. While I really wanted to try the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil at £26 I would rather spend money on other make up items as I am not very big on eyebrows. I saw that Sleek had a similar offering and at a much more affordable price. It give much more defined look than powder and the brush at the end is great as you don't need to take a separate one with you when traveling. I like to set it with a clear eyebrow gel just to keep my brows in place if you have thicker brows then you may not even need to with the waxy consistency. 

I had used a few of these Lancôme concealers before but foolish decided to stray away and try others. While I found others that are good for everyday use nothing else gave me the same coverage that this does. When I started to go for lighter bases and using a higher coverage concealer where needed then I had to get this back in my make up bag. It blends easily with a finger or brush and can be built up on days where you need that extra bit of help. I find it rarely needs touching up. It may be pricer than that Collection Long Lasting Concealer but this tube lasts a long time pus when you can't squeeze that last bit out you can cut the tube open giving you many more applications.

Have you tried any of these?