Thursday, 7 May 2015

Ae Spark O' Nautre's Fire

Ae Spark O' Nature's Fire took place way back on December 29th. Yes, it's rather late to share but I found these in my draft posts I wanted to share them as I love the photos. This is only a small selection of my favourites. This was an event hosted by the Burns Birthplace Museum, the memorial gardens where lit up with fire displays, I guess you would call it, candles, a light show on the Burn's momument and musicians playing. The Auld Kirk graveyard was lit up to it's full ghostly potential. There were even actors dressed up as devils and witches who were really enjoying being creepy and freaking people out in the dim light. I had attempted to make use of the atmospheric background but this was the day my horrendous chest infection started so I look miserable in all the photos. I'm glad I braved th cold piling on as many layers as I could because the photos don't really capture the intense heat and atmosphere of the gardens or the scale of this. I hope this wasn't a one off as I would love to go again minus the chest infection. Most of these photos were taken by Raymond because he knows his way round a camera much better than me in low light conditions and at any other time for that matter.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Coming out of hibernation

I have accidentally let things go into complete hibernation on here over winter. The start of this year wasn't great to say the least which is probably why I had been unmotivated and uninspired. The rare appearance of the warm spring sun has been lifting my spirits and I've been missing being creative with photos and outfits. It should be easier to get photos now that I have access to a good SLR and my outfit photographer to hand whenever I please. Here's to getting the blog rolling again!