Friday, 23 November 2012

Pearl and heart buttons

 Dress - Dorothy Perkins 
Cardigan - Red Herring (diy buttons
Shoes - Red or Dead via Schuh 
Necklace - Accessorize 
Ring - Accessorize  

This is what I wore to my 3rd interview in two weeks! I normally wear a smart black skirt/white blouse combo, but as this was a shop where I thought that would be far too formal and that I should be seem to have an interest in fashion. I seem to have made the right choice as the interviews instantly told me they loved my shoes! The next day I was offered the job! After 11 months of not having a job, endless applications, and also being out of university for 6 months then I was really over the moon to be offered the job! I am looking forward to starting and it will nice to get a routine again. As everything always happens at once, I was also emailed about what voluntary positions I was interested in at the local theatre that is opening up again! I am excited about that as it will be good experience and will be fun to do. 

On to the outfit, I had the cardigan for some time but never wore it and awhile ago I found these adorable heart buttons in a store in Stirling when visiting friends. I knew that I needed to have them and put them to good use bringing some life to this cardigan, of course after returuning home I realised I didn't have enough buttons so bought the pearl ones. The ring has been a favourite for years. The necklace I bought in Bath and it reminded me of those Alice In Wonderland inspired 'drink me' bottle necklaces.  

I am still on a search for reasonably priced dress to wear to my Boyfriend's graduation next friday. Everything seems to be either a size or price issue, sometimes both! I've been on all my usual sites, (Asos, Dorothy Perkins, Debenhams, Evans, New Look) and can't seem to get anywhere! I love this lace skater dress but the price tag makes me sad. I have wanted a lace skater dress forever! 

Anyone got any website suggestions for inexpensive dresses? (plus size friendly ones please!)

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Natural curls and peter pan collars

Jumper - F+F 
Top - Dorothy Perkins 
Skirt - River Island 
Doc Martens - Dr. Martens

A better close up of my Docs and show the colour better

 I wore this to a meeting about doing some volunteer work. I thought this was casual and comfy look but when I met my boyfriend later on he asked what I was all dolled up for! My hair is naturally curly but never really having the time to air dry it and with me not being a very neat sleeper (i roll about constantly), then my natural curls do really get a look in anymore. I used to be able to put my hair in two plaits before bed and then in the morning have nice waves, but my hair seemed to have rebelled against me and only curls in a chunk in the middle which just looks odd so straighteners are normally used. That being said my if my had has been straightened and I plait it, there will be nice waves in the morning. Maybe it's just got too used to straighteners. This is my hair being dried with a hairdryer and twisting each section. I am a little bit smitten with this outfit and wore it again today when I went on a shopping trip to Glasgow, except I wore my black studded boots as I knew I would be trying things on and the docs take too long for me to take on and off.

Nails : Ciaté Paint Pots - Purple Sherbet 
Nails Inc - Glamour Glitter 
Ring - Pandora 

I got both of these polishes as freebies in different magazines. I am a freebie junkie, only if I think its a good thing to get free of course. We won't talk about the times I have bought the same magazine several times to get the other products that month. The ring I bought with some money I got for my 21st birthday last year.

Satchel - LYDC
Socks - a Christmas present from last year 
Tights - Debenhams 

I don't know if my cupcake obsession has come through on this blog yet but to put it simply it is just that an obsession! I thought I would include some cupcake themed items I have. The satchel was found last year in shop Edinburgh that I have no idea what it was called and it isn't there anymore. I've seen this bag on sale other places but the strap has LYDC all over it and mine is just a plain brown strap which I much prefer. When I was taking these photos my labradoodle Jake was all excited for some unknown reason and we managed to catch this photo of him. He normally only takes a good photo when asleep, so thought I would share this rare gem.

After my trip to Glasgow today and going round the various markets, one being a continential market, I'm starting to feel all Christmassy. I can't wait for all the lights and trees. I think my favourite thing is all the lights everywhere, and of course the Christmas sales ;)

Are you looking forward to Christmas yet or is it still too early? 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Shot Down.

 Jumper - Next 
Skirt - M&Co  
Doc Martens - Dr. Martens Store


Not a terribly exciting outfit post I'm afraid. The jumper was bought in the Christmas sale last year and the skirt was bought in M&Co during summer. M&Co is not usually a place I shop in but you can find something appealing every so often, much like Matalan, you just need to check out the stores and see if anything catches your eye. I had been looking for a longer demin skirt for some time and I still wanted above the knee but it was a struggle as most were bum flashers and the rest were below the knee. When I came across this in the sale it was lucky as with most things in M&Co if its nice and a bargain it goes very quickly.

 The main reason of this post was to introduce my Doc Martens. I've always wanted a pair but were always so very expensive especially with the ones I always lusted after were £140 and up. One a day trip up to Glasgow in summer with my mum we were lucky to find the Dr. Martens store had a sale on! I was torn between these and a lovely black glittery pair but sadly my left foot kept hitting the front of them so after much switching between the pairs to decide I went after these, The glitter seemed to come off easily on the others and I had my doubts about them staying glittery in the rain. They were half off and I was lucky enough to be treated to them as a graduation present! I've had these since the summer although only started wearing them often recently it was just too warm for big boots like that I prefer to wear cooler things on my feet in summer. These ones are in 'blackcurrant' and will most likely be making many appearances as the cold wet weather draws into Scotland. I have heard horror stories about people trying to break in their Docs but I've not had any blisters I wouldn't have with some new shoes anyway, this pair are the softest leather they make so that has probable helped too. I have also picked up my heel saving tricks. Firstly after a quick google the way that people in the army save themselves from blisters with their heavy duty boots is by wearing pop-socks with cotton socks on top or tights and socks as I do. Secondly, a perhaps strange thing is putting solid stick deodorant on your heels, and whenever you find shoes rub. Vaseline can also work but I find it sticky and messy to use, where as the deodorant feels silky on the skin. I have seen stuff called blister stopper and such variations but that is priced at £6 and up whereas you can get a good old stick of the solid deodorant for £3 and under. Another thing with Docs is that they seem to take such a longer time to get on and off! Does anyone else find that?  

Deemed appropriate for the past few days having interviews and still being rejected for jobs, Shot Down is a song from another of my all time favourite bands Nine Black Alps of their first album Everything Is. This was the first ever song I heard by them on a free Kerrang! cd about 6 years ago and have seen them around 7 times now. I've met them afew times now and every time I meet the singer Sam Forrest I go all embarassed haha! I may or may not have a thing for him ;) Do not worry the boyfriend is all aware of my fondness of guitar players and singers (....and bass players, drummers etc!) As I've just realised I can embed videos in blog posts as I am that clever here is the best quality sound for Shot Down I could find.  Hope you enjoy!


Monday, 12 November 2012

Purples and Berrys

It is a rare occasion for me to have a special occasion that is rare enough to be an excuse to buy an nice new dress. I'm not saying I don't buy dresses without there being an occasion but normally I only buy things when hunting through those sale rails. It is nice to have an event to go to that means you can look for a dress with to wear to it. It is my boyfriend's graduation at the end of the month and seeing as I never got anything new to wear to mine ( would have been pointless being hidden under a big shapeless gown), I am using his as an excuse to buy something that's not in the sale rale. I am looking for something that is smart looking but not over the top.

I've had my eye on this Oasis dress since it first came into store. I just love the colour, it's a much stronger purple in real life, the silk collar and the lace. I know I would be able to wear it daytime or a night out too. The main reason it's not been snapped up is due to it's price tag of £55, which is more than I've ever paid for a dress and is quite out of my price range just now. Another reason it that Oasis do not seem to take into consideration us 'busty' ladies and their dresses fit nice everywhere else except across the chest, which often looks like the material is going to burst open. I might just have to try it on to make me stop wanting it! 

This ASOS Dress I have also had my eye on for some time hoping it will be reduced, but seeing how popular it seems to be then I will be waiting a while. I've never actually bought a dress from ASOS but I've always read good things about them. This dress ticks all my boxes, lace, peter pan collar, and the colour. At £35, it still more than I normally pay for dresses but then again I don't normally pay much more than a £15 for dresses as I always get them on sale. This would be something that could be worn for day or night just by wearing different things with it.  


I have seen different versions of sheer panel dresses but normally they have cut out at the side as well as the front which for me is just too much. I was having a browse on the Matalan site, which can have some really surprisingly nice things, which has previously made me want a dress so much I just had to have it at full price (it was only £16). I'm getting away from the point, you should have a look on their site or in store ever so often. I love the colour of this dress and the subtle gold studs on the shoulders. I would definitely wear a top under or get a cheap one to sew on as a modesty panel as with being 'busty' it would be far too much on show! I think that this dress is different from other dresses I have. At a reasonable £22 it wins in the most affordable category. 


On a recent visit to Matalan I found this sparkly velvet version of the berry dress. It reminded me of a party dress I had when I was younger, the black velvet and gold sparkle, not the mesh panel! It does not seem to photograph very well and is more impressive in person. As I already know what shoes I want to wear to the graduation, they are black brogue heels and have multicoloured glitter panels so this velvet number would have been overboard on sparkle.

Which is your favourite? What dresses are on your wishlist?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

This Is Was Halloween

 I am late in posting about Halloween but better late than never. This year was the first year I could ever remember being so excited for Halloween in since June! The reason for my excitement so early on was that one of my all time favourite bands, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, had got back together and annouced a tour, as soon as I found out they were playing in London on Halloween I knew me and my sister HAD to be there! Their Halloween gigs have always been a thing of legend and I knew that this gig would be the one to be at. I was right, it was one of the most insane gigs I've ever been to (and that takes some doing let me tell you!), I'm just glad we were at the barrier to have something to hold on to! I have also never been in so much pain the next day. Muscles I did not even know existed felt like they were on fire, I'm sure I complained to my sister about how my hair hurt haha. I had narrowly escaped some nastier injuries such as spliting my eyebrow open, broken wrist and broken ribs escaped with bruises and some swelling. To perhaps give you an idea of how crazy Eighties Matchbox crowds are; They played a free show in London before the Halloween gig and a guy broke his leg! As I always seem to do when I'm in London is that I never take photos. I think it's cause everything always seems so rushed and don't feel like I can stand in the middle of the street to stop for photos without being knocked into by all the people. I did take some photos but only on my phone so forgive the poor quality.

We had plans to put on loads of black eye make up and fake blood to be zombies but were gonna wait til we were at the venue, which fell through when there was a toilet attendant in the ladies, It always makes me feel like I can't touch up my make up never mind stand and zombify myself. Turns out it would have been a waste of time I had only had my eye make up on by the end with some down my face. I wish I had got my sister to do before and after photos. 

The morning after. 
Feeling tender, not even from a hangover I had only had two and a half ciders the whole night, we went to The Big Chilli House for breakfast. I loved the way it designed and now regret only having a photo of these rather cool lamps. I had the french toast (below) and it was definately the sugar fix to give me some much needed energy.

We went to Oxford Street, where I bought NOTHING, this is unheard of. It was really down to me being disappointed with the stores. I thought that with some of them being flagship stores there would be different things. I was particularly disappointed with Evans as my local store is now closed and I had expectations on the flagship store being filled with the brands they stock online, such as Lovedrobe and Sienna Couture but there was none to be seen. The store in Glasgow has them so I would have thought the store on the busiest shopping street in Europe would have a larger choice. The same goes for all the stores we went in, with the exception of Selfridges and Forever 21 only because I've never been in them before. I wish we had went down Camden High Street instead at least the stuff I wouldn't have seen before. Here's a photo of outside and inside of Selfridges all decorated for Christmas on November 1st!

After getting successfully getting the tube on my own for the first time and not getting lost I thought I would reward myself with trying my first Kripsy Kreme doughnut. I got a strawberry gloss, it was very nice but not the "oh my god it's amazing" reaction that everyone else seems to have with them. Not that I am saying if there was one near me I would never go in it ;) 

The weekend after Halloween my friend was having a Tim Burton themed party. I was very excited for it and had bought a new blonde wig, underskirt and hairbow. Typically after being all ready and about to leave I very suddenly became pretty ill :(. Attempts to stop feeling ill were unsuccessful, after dropping in to the party to see everyone in their outfits I was taken home to remove my costume and makeup was to curl up in bed with a hot water bottle and sleep. I must have picked up some kind of bug. The past few days have involved sleeping and attempting eating plain things. At least I managed to capture my outfit on camera. I really liked the blonde wig as it was much better than previous curly one, think it's pretty easy to tell who I was with the new wig and bow.

What did you do for Halloween?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Beach at sunset.

I wanted to share some photos I took on during the dogs daily walks the other week, because everyone enjoys some doggie photos. This post is photo heavy but when I originally took 344 photos then to get it down to about 20 is an achievement.

This is Jake. He's a one and a half year old Labradoodle with a very short haircut due to his fur becoming matted and sandy and leaving too much time between his last haircut. He is obsessed with tennis balls and that's what he plays with at the beach.

 This is Ben, He's a seven (I think) year old Labrador. He also loves balls but of the spongy variety but he likes to steal Jake's tennis ball. He also likes to find washed up toys to play with at the beach like this rope and often buckets and occasionally wateringcans!

When he does find something nice washed up to play with he will still keep his ball. 

When visting another beach where there are seals that come close to the shoreline to investigate what is splashing about in the water, we discovered that when Jake was in the water the seals come even closer than normal because Jake's head looks almost exactly the same as a seal's. Anyway I'll let the photos speak for themselves. 


Do you have any pets? What silly things do they do?