Monday, 12 November 2012

Purples and Berrys

It is a rare occasion for me to have a special occasion that is rare enough to be an excuse to buy an nice new dress. I'm not saying I don't buy dresses without there being an occasion but normally I only buy things when hunting through those sale rails. It is nice to have an event to go to that means you can look for a dress with to wear to it. It is my boyfriend's graduation at the end of the month and seeing as I never got anything new to wear to mine ( would have been pointless being hidden under a big shapeless gown), I am using his as an excuse to buy something that's not in the sale rale. I am looking for something that is smart looking but not over the top.

I've had my eye on this Oasis dress since it first came into store. I just love the colour, it's a much stronger purple in real life, the silk collar and the lace. I know I would be able to wear it daytime or a night out too. The main reason it's not been snapped up is due to it's price tag of £55, which is more than I've ever paid for a dress and is quite out of my price range just now. Another reason it that Oasis do not seem to take into consideration us 'busty' ladies and their dresses fit nice everywhere else except across the chest, which often looks like the material is going to burst open. I might just have to try it on to make me stop wanting it! 

This ASOS Dress I have also had my eye on for some time hoping it will be reduced, but seeing how popular it seems to be then I will be waiting a while. I've never actually bought a dress from ASOS but I've always read good things about them. This dress ticks all my boxes, lace, peter pan collar, and the colour. At £35, it still more than I normally pay for dresses but then again I don't normally pay much more than a £15 for dresses as I always get them on sale. This would be something that could be worn for day or night just by wearing different things with it.  


I have seen different versions of sheer panel dresses but normally they have cut out at the side as well as the front which for me is just too much. I was having a browse on the Matalan site, which can have some really surprisingly nice things, which has previously made me want a dress so much I just had to have it at full price (it was only £16). I'm getting away from the point, you should have a look on their site or in store ever so often. I love the colour of this dress and the subtle gold studs on the shoulders. I would definitely wear a top under or get a cheap one to sew on as a modesty panel as with being 'busty' it would be far too much on show! I think that this dress is different from other dresses I have. At a reasonable £22 it wins in the most affordable category. 


On a recent visit to Matalan I found this sparkly velvet version of the berry dress. It reminded me of a party dress I had when I was younger, the black velvet and gold sparkle, not the mesh panel! It does not seem to photograph very well and is more impressive in person. As I already know what shoes I want to wear to the graduation, they are black brogue heels and have multicoloured glitter panels so this velvet number would have been overboard on sparkle.

Which is your favourite? What dresses are on your wishlist?


  1. I love the berry colours of the first few dresses, the ASOS one in particular is gorgeous. I love an excuse to buy a new dress, I shop quite a lot (ok, too much) but I do it all in charity shops or on sale rails so it is a nice treat to buy something at full price. Good luck choosing, and congratulations to your boyfriend xo