Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Shot Down.

 Jumper - Next 
Skirt - M&Co  
Doc Martens - Dr. Martens Store


Not a terribly exciting outfit post I'm afraid. The jumper was bought in the Christmas sale last year and the skirt was bought in M&Co during summer. M&Co is not usually a place I shop in but you can find something appealing every so often, much like Matalan, you just need to check out the stores and see if anything catches your eye. I had been looking for a longer demin skirt for some time and I still wanted above the knee but it was a struggle as most were bum flashers and the rest were below the knee. When I came across this in the sale it was lucky as with most things in M&Co if its nice and a bargain it goes very quickly.

 The main reason of this post was to introduce my Doc Martens. I've always wanted a pair but were always so very expensive especially with the ones I always lusted after were £140 and up. One a day trip up to Glasgow in summer with my mum we were lucky to find the Dr. Martens store had a sale on! I was torn between these and a lovely black glittery pair but sadly my left foot kept hitting the front of them so after much switching between the pairs to decide I went after these, The glitter seemed to come off easily on the others and I had my doubts about them staying glittery in the rain. They were half off and I was lucky enough to be treated to them as a graduation present! I've had these since the summer although only started wearing them often recently it was just too warm for big boots like that I prefer to wear cooler things on my feet in summer. These ones are in 'blackcurrant' and will most likely be making many appearances as the cold wet weather draws into Scotland. I have heard horror stories about people trying to break in their Docs but I've not had any blisters I wouldn't have with some new shoes anyway, this pair are the softest leather they make so that has probable helped too. I have also picked up my heel saving tricks. Firstly after a quick google the way that people in the army save themselves from blisters with their heavy duty boots is by wearing pop-socks with cotton socks on top or tights and socks as I do. Secondly, a perhaps strange thing is putting solid stick deodorant on your heels, and whenever you find shoes rub. Vaseline can also work but I find it sticky and messy to use, where as the deodorant feels silky on the skin. I have seen stuff called blister stopper and such variations but that is priced at £6 and up whereas you can get a good old stick of the solid deodorant for £3 and under. Another thing with Docs is that they seem to take such a longer time to get on and off! Does anyone else find that?  

Deemed appropriate for the past few days having interviews and still being rejected for jobs, Shot Down is a song from another of my all time favourite bands Nine Black Alps of their first album Everything Is. This was the first ever song I heard by them on a free Kerrang! cd about 6 years ago and have seen them around 7 times now. I've met them afew times now and every time I meet the singer Sam Forrest I go all embarassed haha! I may or may not have a thing for him ;) Do not worry the boyfriend is all aware of my fondness of guitar players and singers (....and bass players, drummers etc!) As I've just realised I can embed videos in blog posts as I am that clever here is the best quality sound for Shot Down I could find.  Hope you enjoy!


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