Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Beach at sunset.

I wanted to share some photos I took on during the dogs daily walks the other week, because everyone enjoys some doggie photos. This post is photo heavy but when I originally took 344 photos then to get it down to about 20 is an achievement.

This is Jake. He's a one and a half year old Labradoodle with a very short haircut due to his fur becoming matted and sandy and leaving too much time between his last haircut. He is obsessed with tennis balls and that's what he plays with at the beach.

 This is Ben, He's a seven (I think) year old Labrador. He also loves balls but of the spongy variety but he likes to steal Jake's tennis ball. He also likes to find washed up toys to play with at the beach like this rope and often buckets and occasionally wateringcans!

When he does find something nice washed up to play with he will still keep his ball. 

When visting another beach where there are seals that come close to the shoreline to investigate what is splashing about in the water, we discovered that when Jake was in the water the seals come even closer than normal because Jake's head looks almost exactly the same as a seal's. Anyway I'll let the photos speak for themselves. 


Do you have any pets? What silly things do they do?


  1. They are such cuties! One of my friends is thinking about getting a labradoodle at the moment, they are just too cute! Ben is gorgeous too though! My 2 love the beach but getting there involves buses, or if we want a really nice beach, a train ride, so they don't get to go often. Mania has only been three times and is still a little bit afraid of waves, which I think it is adorable. That is a beautiful sunset xo

    1. They are both daft as a brush! We had always heard that labradoodles are quite thick but Jake is very very smart, he picked up playing ball in a few weeks of us having him. They are apparently supposed to have a short attention span but he will do nothing but play ball all day and night, it's us that gets fed up first! My two love the beach, they got used to it pretty young as we live so close to it. Jake's the only puppy we ever had that just bolted straight into the sea for the first time without being unsure at first. They aren't keen on rough waves though but will still have a splash about.