Wednesday, 7 November 2012

This Is Was Halloween

 I am late in posting about Halloween but better late than never. This year was the first year I could ever remember being so excited for Halloween in since June! The reason for my excitement so early on was that one of my all time favourite bands, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, had got back together and annouced a tour, as soon as I found out they were playing in London on Halloween I knew me and my sister HAD to be there! Their Halloween gigs have always been a thing of legend and I knew that this gig would be the one to be at. I was right, it was one of the most insane gigs I've ever been to (and that takes some doing let me tell you!), I'm just glad we were at the barrier to have something to hold on to! I have also never been in so much pain the next day. Muscles I did not even know existed felt like they were on fire, I'm sure I complained to my sister about how my hair hurt haha. I had narrowly escaped some nastier injuries such as spliting my eyebrow open, broken wrist and broken ribs escaped with bruises and some swelling. To perhaps give you an idea of how crazy Eighties Matchbox crowds are; They played a free show in London before the Halloween gig and a guy broke his leg! As I always seem to do when I'm in London is that I never take photos. I think it's cause everything always seems so rushed and don't feel like I can stand in the middle of the street to stop for photos without being knocked into by all the people. I did take some photos but only on my phone so forgive the poor quality.

We had plans to put on loads of black eye make up and fake blood to be zombies but were gonna wait til we were at the venue, which fell through when there was a toilet attendant in the ladies, It always makes me feel like I can't touch up my make up never mind stand and zombify myself. Turns out it would have been a waste of time I had only had my eye make up on by the end with some down my face. I wish I had got my sister to do before and after photos. 

The morning after. 
Feeling tender, not even from a hangover I had only had two and a half ciders the whole night, we went to The Big Chilli House for breakfast. I loved the way it designed and now regret only having a photo of these rather cool lamps. I had the french toast (below) and it was definately the sugar fix to give me some much needed energy.

We went to Oxford Street, where I bought NOTHING, this is unheard of. It was really down to me being disappointed with the stores. I thought that with some of them being flagship stores there would be different things. I was particularly disappointed with Evans as my local store is now closed and I had expectations on the flagship store being filled with the brands they stock online, such as Lovedrobe and Sienna Couture but there was none to be seen. The store in Glasgow has them so I would have thought the store on the busiest shopping street in Europe would have a larger choice. The same goes for all the stores we went in, with the exception of Selfridges and Forever 21 only because I've never been in them before. I wish we had went down Camden High Street instead at least the stuff I wouldn't have seen before. Here's a photo of outside and inside of Selfridges all decorated for Christmas on November 1st!

After getting successfully getting the tube on my own for the first time and not getting lost I thought I would reward myself with trying my first Kripsy Kreme doughnut. I got a strawberry gloss, it was very nice but not the "oh my god it's amazing" reaction that everyone else seems to have with them. Not that I am saying if there was one near me I would never go in it ;) 

The weekend after Halloween my friend was having a Tim Burton themed party. I was very excited for it and had bought a new blonde wig, underskirt and hairbow. Typically after being all ready and about to leave I very suddenly became pretty ill :(. Attempts to stop feeling ill were unsuccessful, after dropping in to the party to see everyone in their outfits I was taken home to remove my costume and makeup was to curl up in bed with a hot water bottle and sleep. I must have picked up some kind of bug. The past few days have involved sleeping and attempting eating plain things. At least I managed to capture my outfit on camera. I really liked the blonde wig as it was much better than previous curly one, think it's pretty easy to tell who I was with the new wig and bow.

What did you do for Halloween?


  1. omg! that alice costume is adorable! I've never heard of the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, but it sounds like it was a great time! I've heard Oxford street is great for shopping... good for you for buying nothing, lol!

    On halloween... I stayed in and just ate treats, lol! really low key, but still pretty fun :) lovely blog.

    xox, amber

    1. Eighties Matchbox are a Psychosis rock band from Brighton. They are much more popular down that end of the country than up here in Scotland, the place they played in London was huge. They aren't everybody's type of thing, but if you're into rock music and/or heavier stuff you should check them out! Here's a cheeky link to their top 11 videos on their youtube channel

      I'd be interested to know if you liked them or not :)

  2. Your Alice outfit is so lovely! I didn't go out on Halloween because I live in Australia and we don't really celebrate here!
    I love that you're a screen writing graduate, I also study film and screen writing :)

    1. I am indeed a graduate, currently not a very successful one :( Jobs in that field in Scotland are few and far between and being able to drive seems to be my biggest downfall to getting into that area. Also experience outside univeristy is vital something else that I never had a chance to do.

      How many years having you been studying? I love hearing about the simliar courses and what they do. Do you get to do much practical stuff?

  3. Nice costume! I have never tried Krispy Kreme before!

  4. A Tim Burton party!? Such a great idea...I'll have to remember that for next years birthday ^_^ That sucks that you felt ill though :( xx