Saturday, 17 November 2012

Natural curls and peter pan collars

Jumper - F+F 
Top - Dorothy Perkins 
Skirt - River Island 
Doc Martens - Dr. Martens

A better close up of my Docs and show the colour better

 I wore this to a meeting about doing some volunteer work. I thought this was casual and comfy look but when I met my boyfriend later on he asked what I was all dolled up for! My hair is naturally curly but never really having the time to air dry it and with me not being a very neat sleeper (i roll about constantly), then my natural curls do really get a look in anymore. I used to be able to put my hair in two plaits before bed and then in the morning have nice waves, but my hair seemed to have rebelled against me and only curls in a chunk in the middle which just looks odd so straighteners are normally used. That being said my if my had has been straightened and I plait it, there will be nice waves in the morning. Maybe it's just got too used to straighteners. This is my hair being dried with a hairdryer and twisting each section. I am a little bit smitten with this outfit and wore it again today when I went on a shopping trip to Glasgow, except I wore my black studded boots as I knew I would be trying things on and the docs take too long for me to take on and off.

Nails : Ciaté Paint Pots - Purple Sherbet 
Nails Inc - Glamour Glitter 
Ring - Pandora 

I got both of these polishes as freebies in different magazines. I am a freebie junkie, only if I think its a good thing to get free of course. We won't talk about the times I have bought the same magazine several times to get the other products that month. The ring I bought with some money I got for my 21st birthday last year.

Satchel - LYDC
Socks - a Christmas present from last year 
Tights - Debenhams 

I don't know if my cupcake obsession has come through on this blog yet but to put it simply it is just that an obsession! I thought I would include some cupcake themed items I have. The satchel was found last year in shop Edinburgh that I have no idea what it was called and it isn't there anymore. I've seen this bag on sale other places but the strap has LYDC all over it and mine is just a plain brown strap which I much prefer. When I was taking these photos my labradoodle Jake was all excited for some unknown reason and we managed to catch this photo of him. He normally only takes a good photo when asleep, so thought I would share this rare gem.

After my trip to Glasgow today and going round the various markets, one being a continential market, I'm starting to feel all Christmassy. I can't wait for all the lights and trees. I think my favourite thing is all the lights everywhere, and of course the Christmas sales ;)

Are you looking forward to Christmas yet or is it still too early? 


  1. I looove this outfit because i'm a huge fan of peter pan collars, and i love cupcakes, and the colour pink! The bag is so cute! x

  2. You can't beat a peter pan collar! Your dog is gorgeous :)