Friday, 23 November 2012

Pearl and heart buttons

 Dress - Dorothy Perkins 
Cardigan - Red Herring (diy buttons
Shoes - Red or Dead via Schuh 
Necklace - Accessorize 
Ring - Accessorize  

This is what I wore to my 3rd interview in two weeks! I normally wear a smart black skirt/white blouse combo, but as this was a shop where I thought that would be far too formal and that I should be seem to have an interest in fashion. I seem to have made the right choice as the interviews instantly told me they loved my shoes! The next day I was offered the job! After 11 months of not having a job, endless applications, and also being out of university for 6 months then I was really over the moon to be offered the job! I am looking forward to starting and it will nice to get a routine again. As everything always happens at once, I was also emailed about what voluntary positions I was interested in at the local theatre that is opening up again! I am excited about that as it will be good experience and will be fun to do. 

On to the outfit, I had the cardigan for some time but never wore it and awhile ago I found these adorable heart buttons in a store in Stirling when visiting friends. I knew that I needed to have them and put them to good use bringing some life to this cardigan, of course after returuning home I realised I didn't have enough buttons so bought the pearl ones. The ring has been a favourite for years. The necklace I bought in Bath and it reminded me of those Alice In Wonderland inspired 'drink me' bottle necklaces.  

I am still on a search for reasonably priced dress to wear to my Boyfriend's graduation next friday. Everything seems to be either a size or price issue, sometimes both! I've been on all my usual sites, (Asos, Dorothy Perkins, Debenhams, Evans, New Look) and can't seem to get anywhere! I love this lace skater dress but the price tag makes me sad. I have wanted a lace skater dress forever! 

Anyone got any website suggestions for inexpensive dresses? (plus size friendly ones please!)


  1. I love your shoes- good call wearing them :)
    Daniella x