Monday, 22 October 2012

Waiting Game.

Coat - Vintage 
Dress - Dorothy Perkins 
Shoes - Urban Outfitters 
Necklace - Pretty Cuckoo 

I wore this to meet a friend from college and her adorable little girl for lunch a few towns over. It is also so nice to catch up with friends you don't get to see very often. You may or not notice that I've (well.. the boyfriend) managed to fix the problem I had in the last outfit post of my purple tights turning up black, use his SLR camera instead as it has got settings to change how the colour comes out.  I also wore a grey cardigan but it didn't photograph well and is just a grey cardigan. 

I am loving this dress and not caring that curvy, big boobed girls aren't supposed to wear stripes! Personally I think anyone can wear stripes and it is all down to the shape and style of the piece of clothing, not the stripes. The dress is on of the fit and flare range of dresses at Dorothy Perkins. I had bought the same style of dress last year in blue with white stars on it and it is completely different in that it is thinner jersey material, has shrunk and faded in its hundreds of washes. The newer fit and flare dresses seem to have been made with much thicker material and seems to have more shape to it. I am rather upset that my local Dorothy Perkins and Evans are shutting down which was quite a shock to me and the staff it seems. The necklace was bought last summer at a market stall in Glasgow called Pretty Cuckoo, It doesn't seem to be on the website anymore. 
The title of today's post is a song by The Cooper Temple Clause - Waiting Game  from the album Make This Your Own. Everything appears to be a waiting game at them moment, but hoping that some luck will come my way soon. I will never quite get over the fact that I discovered them after they had already decided to call it quits. This has happened to me quite a lot with bands, Death From Above 1979 to name another. It is annoying as I will never get to see them play live and going to gigs is basically my hobby. Who knows maybe they'll get back together one day!


  1. I totally agree with you that bustier girls can wear stripes! Anything patterned, with the wrong cut, will make anyone look bad! This dress looks amazing on you, and those shoes look so comfy xo

    1. awww thank you :) That's what I was trying to say but you worded it much better than me! After some fighting with my feet and some leather stretcher the shoes were eventually comfy.

  2. I love your style :)
    this dress is great!

  3. love this striped dress! :) x