Saturday, 20 October 2012


 I thought I would break up the monotony of my face with a post of my Essie collection. Like everyone else who has a bit of an obsession with nail polish I was excited when Boots started socking them but none of these are from Boots. They are all from TK Maxx. I bought them packs of three, once was £9.99 and the other I got for £5.00 so quite the saving! Along with the ones above I got Grow Faster which was in the reduced pack. I think it was reduced because of it being a strange looking colour but I had suspected it was a base coat and I was right.

I've read a few reviews of Grow Faster and a lot of them have said that it weakened their nails and made them split. My nails have been subject of biting and (perhaps worse) picking so they are in pretty bad shape and I normally find that a top layer of nail will come off before a colour does. I do think that Grow Faster does indeed make my nails grow faster. For the price I got it for which would be about £1.67 it is quite the find. 

These are the only I colours that have names. I think that Tea & Crumpets and No Boundaries have been changed to other names but haven't been able to figure out what ones. Turquoise & Caicos is still a current colour I've seen in It at the Essie stand. I always assumed that the make up products In TK Maxx were discounted colours. The other two colours including Grow Faster have the number 472 on them so I have no idea what they are called, if anybody knows let me know.  

These are what my two newest colours look like on. The first is No Boundaries and the other doesn't have a name. The second is very similar to Barry M's Strawberry Ice Cream but I have always found it difficult to work with. It ends up streaky and then goes too thick. I prefer the Essie colour as it goes on much smoother and goes opaque in less coats. 

Have you got any Essie nail polishes? What's on your Essie wishlist?
This colour Luxedo is such a lovely deep plum, almost black but not quite. Defiantely in keeping with this season's deep red and purples.

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