Monday, 15 October 2012

Kids Don't Behave Like This.

Dress - Dorothy Perkins 
Cardigan - TU  
Blazer - Vintage 
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins 
Hairband - River Island 
Shoes - Urban Outfitters  

This is what I wore to see on a cinema date with the boyfriend to see Looper the other week. Our date was short lived as we ended up running into some friends from uni so sat with them, went to the pub after, then met up with some others from uni for £1 pizza. It was an impromptu meet up, but those kind of days are normally those that turn out better than days that have been planned for ages. I very much enjoyed Looper, much different from what I excepted but in a good way. I am not going to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen it but I have seen reviews of it being compared to Inception. I am a big fan of Inception but Looper is in no way similar to it. The concepts are completely different! Has anyone seen Looper? What are your thoughts on it?  

I took these photos when it was dark outside and it was not until editing that I realised what a difference daylight makes. My tights were actually purple not black as they appear. I am not skilled enough at editing to make them their true colour. The blazer was a lucky find at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in Glasgow. It was lucky that we managed to even find the place as we got lost trying to find QMU only to find out when we eventually found it that it had been moved to Glasgow Union. It was very confusing! There were some very nice things at the fair but as always everything is mostly too small for me, my friend Claire had the opposite problem as everything was too big for her. I picked up this Blazer for a tenner after to the stall twice to try it on. It would be annoying to have gone through an ordeal to find the fair and leave empty handed ;) It keeps me very very warm as it is made of wool, I should be able to wear it long into winter which here in Scotland is saying something! The brogues were bought at Urban Outfitters at the back at beginning of the year and have been worn a lot after stretching the leather round the ball of my foot sits. The thing I love most about these brogues are the punched heart pattern on the front as it's just an usual thing to find on brogues. 

The title of this post is one of my favourite songs from Northern Irish band, A Plastic Rose, I have become somewhat friendly with them speaking to them over twitter and finally going to see them in May after first falling in love with their music years ago (found them on myspace, so that is how long ago we're talking!). I've seen and met them four times now, last time being the week before last. With their long awaited debut album Camera.Shutter.Life. due out next week, they are currently touring to promote it. They still have some dates left so you should check them out if they are playing near you, (I probably should have posted about this sooner mind). They'll be touring again in the new year, as I've been told. Anyway go listen to Kids Don't Behave Like This.

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