Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Bear Knuckle Fight

 Top - Oasis 
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins 
Doc Martens - Charity Shop 

The standard looking-down-with-hand-on-hip pose gets boring after a while so I thought I would try something out my comfort zone. I had more fun taken these. Even though the jumping shot is blurry I liked the effect. Let me know what you think! I fell in love with the top as it's the closest thing to my own dogs with the little poodles on it. I searched a while for a good denim skater skirt so as soon as I clocked this on the site it was straight in my basket, it has a zip at the back which gives it just that little bit extra. I have to say that the real stars of this outfit are my Doc Marten shoes. Since getting the boots last year I keep looking at the shoes but all the styles I liked were always at least hitting the £100 mark! Whilst wasting some time in a town I never go to I went into a charity shop and found these. There was no price on them so having seen Docs in vintage shops for £20 I thought that would be the highest I was willing to pay. The shop assistant went to find a price and came back with £4, naturally I snapped them up. They had a white mark across them but that came right off. They are obviously an older style as there is no yellow stitching or embossed logo. For £4 who cares?! I don't! I noticed that they were doing black without the yellow stitching so nobody will even notice.

 Rings - Forever 21 
Nails - Essie 'Plumberry' 
Necklace - Birthday Gift 

What's your best charity shop find? 

More Than Conquerors - Bear Knuckle Fight 

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