Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sweetheart, I'll give you all.

 Dress - Asos 
Shoes - Converse 
Necklace - Ladybird Likes
Sunglasses - Accessorize 
Ring - Topshop 

This is what I wore just for a day of getting those last minute things and the all important (and much needed) eyebrow threading before heading off down south to Bath to visit my sister. I got the dress in the Asos sale the other week for the bargain price of £11.50! It has flocked spots on it which I love but have been told they may come off after a few washes. I like the low scoop back as it makes it more summery. The dress is a tad short for me to go without tights but as Scotland seems to have gone back to normal, bearable summer temperatures then thinner tights can be worn without melting! I think the dress will go nicely with some thicker coloured tights.

I had been after red glittery heart necklace for sometime, they all seemed to be broken heart shapes rather than a full heart. My search was over after I stumbled upon Ladybird Likes after Ever So Juliet blogged about the shop so I clicked through the links and saw this necklace which there were only two left and swiftly prompted the boyfriend to get me it as a birthday gift, being a well trained boyfriend he did exactly that!

You can only see a peak of my nail colour but this was Essie's 'Butler Please' that I had been after for awhile not realising it must have been part of a season collection. I found it in TK Maxx in a set along with 'Beach Bum Blu' and 'Plumberry'. It was £9.99 for the pack of three so it's a pretty good deal when I would have snapped 'Butler Please' on it's own for 7.99! What nail colours are on your wishlist?

Lightspeed Champion - Sweetheart


  1. N'aww, love the double polka dots! <3 Claire at Jazzpad

    1. Thank you! It was by accident but at least it turned out well

  2. I've been living in cotton day dresses lately. They're so easy and cute on their own. You look adorable :)

    xo Ashley

    1. Aww thank you! :) They are so easy to make it appear like you made an effort when all you did was chuck a dress on