Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Birthday Girl.

Top - New Look 
Skirt - River Island
Boots - New Look 
Tights - M&S  

I turned the grand old age of 23 on Sunday! This is what I wore on Saturday when I went for some drinks. I wanted to feel dressed up a bit but not too much as it was only a pub outing. There are close up of the boots when I last posted them. They were much more comfy with the addition of insoles, so hoping to wear them more now. The top I had been after for a while after seeing it on the New Look website. I never saw it in my local store or the Glasgow one I found it in Bristol. The button was missing off the back so managed to get 10% offI will do a post (or posts) on my trip to bath once I have got all the photos together as some are on my boyfriend's camera.

Ring - Accessorize
Necklace - birthday gift

When I found the ring I needed it as I enjoy owls and cameos so it's mean to be. I thought it was really unusual as well. The Alice in Wonderland  inspired necklace was a gift from my friend and I love it so much! I don't know where she got it from but if anyone is desperate to know I can find out. The detailing is beautiful and is a working watch too. Think she was trying to tell me someone about being on time ;) 

These are the first outfit photos I've taken on a self timer as I only have a tiny desk sized tripod but to get the background I like then I need to use my bed and boxes. I thought it was fine until I looked back and some photos were blurry and very squint. I want to figure out a way to get better shots using a tripod. I don't have a remote either. I don't think I can get one for my camera as it is only a compact. Anybody got tips for make shift tripods or tips for taking self timer shots?


  1. Happy belated birthday, Christine! Have you tried looking on the JOBY camera accessory site for a tripod? you can get small ones for compact cameras. there's all kinds on there. the site url is joby.com - hope it helps x

    1. Thank you very much :) Thanks for the tip I will check them out!

  2. I love this outfit and your jewellery's cute :-)

    Francesca xo

    1. Thanks. Now noticed that the box the necklace came in says Regal Rose on it so it must have been from there!

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  5. look your pics! we already follow you, just take a look to our blog!

  6. This outfit is adorable. Hope you had an amazing birthday! I used to do my photos with a compact camera and I tended to try and find a solid surface I could just place it on (bins, shelves, trees, anywhere) then run backwards and forwards checking the photos and altering the settings till I got the best one xo

    1. That is pretty much what I try to do but seems to take so much longer than when someone else takes them for you. I think it's something I just need to try to practice and hope to get better.

  7. Oh wow, what amazing photos!!! So lovely!!

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