Sunday, 16 February 2014

All Is Love

Dress - Asos 
Shoes - Brantano
Bag - H&M 
Floral Headband - Crown and Glory 
Necklace - vintage fair

 I love Valentine's Day because of all the heart shaped items that hit the shelves. I am obsessed! If something is heart shaped and cheap I'll most likely be taking it to the till. I came across so many heart shaped novelties this year and the other week I bought heart shaped champagne flutes, balloons, and sparklers. I used the sparklers in the cake I made for myself my boyfriend which had a big purple heart on it made out of sprinkles which we then ate off heart shaped plates with a heart print on them, bet you are starting to get the idea now! Along with cake we drank out of our champagne flutes. I had Vimto in mine and he had milk in his because obviously we are adults. He bought me this adorable bag which I have wanted for so long. Hope everyone enjoyed their valentine's day and got to spend it how you wanted :)

I had this dress bookmarked for a while so when it into sale I had to get it even though it didn't have a lot off it. I'm glad I did as I love the colour, shape and fit plus it has a collar so that ticks off all my dress boxes! These shoes are from last summer and the little silver heel is just enough to make them not completely flat but still have the same look. The headband is from Crown and Glory and when there was a sale on it was in the basket quicker than you could say...well anything really. I thought this would satisfy my flowery hair needs but now there's new styles being added and I want them in all the colours!


Karen O & The Kids - All Is Love

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