Wednesday, 19 March 2014

But now that I'm older

 Top - Wallis 
Skirt - New Look 
Blazer - Vintage 
Shoes - Clarks 

This is what I wore on for my birthday on Monday. I really loved this outfit but it seemed difficult to photograph due to the stripes as if the top had moved a bit it made things look odd. The skirt was a mere fiver in new look recently and I'm sure I looked at these skirts when they were reduced to a tenner but never found my size in any of the colours. The top was a present and I really love the thinner stripes and the lace at the top and makes it more unusual from other striped tops.

 Necklace - Hannah Zakari 
Bow - Crown and Glory 

I have always loved lighting bolt shapes and back in my days of youth I wore two lighting bolt necklaces on rotation that were big and bright. I still have them but I wouldn't wear them anymore, so I have always been on the hunt for something abit more subtle. I found this necklace before christmas and I'm sure it was much more than I would pay for a necklace even by an independent maker which is why it never came home but on a recent trip to the Edinburgh store I found it again and it was a much lower price that I was happy to pay. I wanted to find ways to style my hair so I could wear all my lovely Crown and Glory goodies that I won. The one I'm wearing I did buy back in November. This was my first attempt at using a larger bun doughnut and much preferred the outcome despite obviously missing some bits with the kirby grips!

I woke up to a room filled with balloons! My boyfriend had sneaked into my house at 7am to blow them all up himself and refused any help from my mum. I do love birthday surprises! I had a lovely day. We went out for lunch, ate cake and watched Where The Wild Things Are. 

What's been your favourite birthday surprise that you've had? 

Arcade Fire - Wake Up

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