Monday, 28 April 2014

See if anyone really knows.

Dress - Red Herring
Cardigan - Tu
Brogues - Urban Outfitters
Necklace - Head Full Of Feathers
I had a rare two days off together this week which meant I actually got a weekend for a change, so me and my good friend Claire took the chance to go on a wee adventure to take some photos for each other. She has amazing style and makes me jealous of everything she wears, make sure you check her blog out and have a look at the photos I took for her. I love cherry blossoms and brightly coloured flowers which is why this post is more photo heavy than normal. This park is normally mobbed on a day when the sun keeps peeking out but it was a friday afternoon meaning that most people were at work/school. It was good for us we could snap away without feeling awkward about being watched. 

Polka dots are another pattern I'm instantly drawn to along with hearts and stripes, and when the polka dot skater dresses started popping up everywhere it was only a matter of time before one ended up in my wardrobe. It does differ from my other skater dresses with its high neckline and little puff sleeves. I must try to remember to take my cardigan off in the future but it's easy to forgot when Scotland has yet to have any sort of heatwave.

I can't quite remember how I stumbled across Head Full Of Feathers but I'd say most likely through someone's blog. The site is filled with glittery accessories so it was only right that I sent a link of my favourite find to my boyfriend before Christmas. I have worn it many times already but this is the first I have got photos of it. I love wearing it to jazz up a something plain.

It was so lovely to see this garden bright and colourful again after many years of neglect. It was even completely closed off for a long time. There used to be a pond with Koi fish in it but it was still empty although it was clean so maybe it will be filled up again as there is a whole regeneration going on in this park. 

 Nine Black Alps - Supermarket Clothes

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