Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Payday Wishlist

Why is it the month seems to last forever when you could really do with getting paid? I've been lusting after so many things this month and thought a visual wishlist would be better than a mental one because those tend to get very long very quickly.

1. Floral Top - M&S
If you don't often venture into M&S then it may surprise you that they aren't just good for basics and lingerie but dare I say it on trend items. I really loved this top and even had a 20% off voucher, sadly I couldn't justify it so close yet so far to payday on the rail it stayed. Let's hope another 20% off event happens soon. 

2. Grey Fade Sunglasses - Oliver Bonas
My current sunglasses are black with white polka dots which would be nice to switch up for a coloured pair when I'm already wearing a lot of patterns and/or black. I want to get a pair without those plastic bits that sit on your nose (anyone know the technical term?), they seem make much more obvious sunglasses marks on my nose when I'm wearing make-up. 

3. NYX Butter Gloss & Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick
I've been wanting to try NYX products for a long time. I had heard that Next stocked it when I was in Glasgow I looked for it in the Argyle Street store and couldn't find any. However on the NYX site it says was stocked in that store. Maybe it was in a hidden corner that I missed. If anyone knows for sure where stocks it let me know. I was excited about the Bourjois Velvets before release, I never took the plunge as I just was undecided on the colour. I have since decided on the shade Pink Pong after I saw Vivianna Does Make Up wearing it in a video. It'll be bought the day my pay comes in. It also happens to be on 3 for 2 in Superdrug which is a dangerous thing.

4. Denim Spotted Skater Dress - Doll & Frog
What can I say I like polka dots and skater dresses! It's much more summery than my curent white and black spotted combos. Come the colder months I think it will be easy to layer up with some knitwear and boots.

5.  Ocean Triangle Necklace - Oliver Bonas
I most definitely do not need another necklace and with a £18 price tag I probably won't be getting it as it pains me to pay that much for a casual necklace. It was the lilac and gold that caught my attention. I love the simple design and the long length. If it hits the sale then I'll probably be persuaded.

6. Cherry Print Sweetheart Dress - Dorothy Perkins
I've always loved those amazing 50's cherry print dresses with the insanely puffed out skirts, not something I can get away wearing often in my little town and I never get invited to fancy parties. This little dress from Dorothy Perkins has just the right amount of 50's style to make it unusual and perfect for those sunny days. This will be getting ordered as soon as another discount code is dropped in my inbox, probably along with the dress above too!

7. Tan Strappy Gladiator Sandals - River Island
Sandals seem to be either completely flat or too high, neither of which I find comfortable for walking any distance in even if its around the town. These sandals have the right kind of block heel that to me normal means comfort, and the same reason I often favour brogues. Basically they are pretty much the sandal version of a brogue.

Did any of these catch your eye?

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