Monday, 19 May 2014

Oh well, I used to be a dancer.

Dress - H! by Henry Holland 
Cardigan - New Look 

I wore this out to a night out but recreated what I wore a few days later as didn't have time to take photos before. I first found the top version of this dress. It had added cap sleeves and a collar, sadly the fit was odd due to where the sleeves finished. Said times. Then I found this dress in the sale some weeks later, I tried it on and it looked nice but I didn't think it was worth the £20 tag, when it isn't a dress you could get away with in daytime and it's short length, back it went on the rails. Another few weeks went by and I came across the dress again but it was now £12 I tried it back on and had was wearing tights this time and it looked much better although the lower price most likely swayed me on that one! I do wish it had the collar like the top did but you can't have everything.

Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Bag & Ring - Accessorize 
Shoes - Schuh 

I was looking for a necklace to go with this dress one that wouldn't catch on the fine lace, a problem I've experienced before and nearly ruined a dress. It added a little sparkle to the dress and it doesn't seem to show up on the photos. It pains me to pay full price for jewellery these days, by luck this had 20% off. I need to find more excuses to wear these shoes. I've became a heel wimp as I hate to have sore feet and it makes me very grumpy when I do so if I know there will be a walk longer than five minutes then I'll opt for wearing flatter shoes. 

Who else is a wimp when it comes to heels? 

Medals - I used to be a dancer 

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  1. lovely outfit. I lovethe lace and the contasting bag.

    I'm starting to be a wimp with heels, I used to wear them to college! Now though, I go for flats or tiny heels much more often!
    Emma Xx