Monday, 3 September 2012

A little introduction

My name is Christine, I am 22 and if you're reading this first post then you've probably worked out that I am new to the world of writing blogs, so much so that I have yet to work out how to put photos in a post! I had visions of a lovely first post with photos and text but having failed that and not wanting to leave this blank thought I better write something here as the people I have followed might come for a look. 

I am never really sure what to say in a first post so here's what I hope to do with this little space on the internet; post some outfit photos which will hopefully encourage me to alternate this in my wardrobe and be a bit more inventive; post about music and films on certain days. This is if i can work out how to make posts interesting.  

If I have already followed you then I will have been reading for awhile and is the main reason I have made one myself is so I can feel less creepy reading silently and actually leave comments. 
This has been a disappointing first post and very uninteresting.

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