Thursday, 6 September 2012

She's the Strawberry Girl.

 Dress - Inspire at New Look
Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins

 Shoes - Asos
 Necklace (old) - Topshop 
Bracelet - vintage fair 
Ring (old) - Accessorize 

I figured out why my photos would upload, they needed re-sized first something I always forget about, silly me! This is what I wore to a small party at a friend's house last night. The full length photo was taken at about 2am when I got home, luckily I was pretty much sober. The other photos were taken afterwards as an after thought. I should probably confess that I am a total sale addict. I very very rarely buy something full priced, unless I am totally in love with it and find it worth the price. I couldn't find the link for the dress but there are some lovely other colour options in the same style. I might even need to get the dark red lace dress when it's on sale. I bought the dress way back at the beginning of July but the other day while in New Look there were still some purple and white lace dresses lurking in the sale rail so best to have a rummage in your local store if you are after it. 

I picked up the bracelet for a mere £1 at little Vintage fair in a bar/club in Glasgow. The ring is was a birthday present from one of my best friends Claire a few years ago (maybe 2008?), I still love it! I hope to get more interesting backgrounds for outfit photos than my kitchen door, especially seeing as my boyfriend has nominated himself my photographer! 

Today's post title is lyrics from  Siouxsie & the Banshees' - Christine, thought it was appropriate due to being my first post and that I have strawberries on my shoes.

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