Saturday, 8 September 2012

Currently lusting..

1) Purple Peter Pan Ponte Dress - Matalan. 2) MARGE Black Leather Mary Janes - Topshop. 3) Black Heart Back Skater Dress - Dorothy Perkins. 4) Nails In Razzmatazz - Topshop. 5) Dark Red Twist Knit Heart Jumper - New Look.
(click on the image to get a bigger image or click the links to view items, still trying to get to grips with layouts and sizings)  

This is a very small selection of things that I am currently lusting after, my list is always rather long. The heart theme is kind of by accident. I am a sucker for things with hearts on them. It is also very rare that I am lusting after things in Topshop that are not ridiculous prices and in my size.  

1. I originally was after the black version with a cream collar but then I saw this purple one on the website and it is just perfect for me. Purple is my favourite colour and I do love peter pan collars. It is a very reasonable £14 but due to being a poor jobless graduate I will have to wait until it's in the sale or steal my mum's Matalan voucher! 

2. I did love those t-bar shoes that a lot of bloggers seemed to have and did hope to spy some in the sale but I never saw any, probably sold out due to their popularity. These are also very cute and unlike many things in Topshop I would pay the £35 for these (if I had £35 that is) as they have a think sole and seem like they would last. I will just have to try them on in store. 

3. The heart back dress has been about for awhile and there has been some beautiful ones around but they never went up to my size or cost a fortune to ship over from America on top of an already large price tag. For this style £36 is reasonable as I have seen much more being charged for them. I have got this bookmarked so I can keep checking for it going into the sale has DP often frequently update their sales. 

4. This nail polish does not look very impressive in this photo, but it is dazzling in store and brighter purples and blues in the glitter. I might treat myself to this on my next day trip up to Glasgow as my local store is tiny and doesn't have a make up stand.I don't even have anything from the Topshop make-up range yet.

5. I am aware that jumpers with giant hearts are not a new thing. I was lusting after a Red Herring number last year but I think I tried it on and was very much underwhelmed. I love that it is a much more subtle design than other I have seen as the twisting between black and dark red doesn't make the black heart in your face. It would be a nice addition to both cream and black outfits. 

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