Saturday, 29 August 2015


 Dress - Oasis 
Headband - Crown and Glory
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - New Look 

In the seven years I've been with my boyfriend Raymond, we've had never been invited to a wedding before, which is shocking considering he's one of those people that knows hundreds of people. Raymond has been friends with the groom since school so he was invited to the whole day and as he was asked to be the official wedding photographer, I only went to the reception rather than the whole day. I would've probably ended up on my own most of the day while he was busy as I only knew the groom and no one else attending. Shy girl problems. 

Anyway as I was only going to the reception I wanted to get a dress that I could wear again. Before even finding a dress I decided that a wedding is the perfect excuse to crack out the an item from my crown and glory collection. For a girl who likes a good excuse to dress up the search for the dress was took a very long time. I ended up taking a chance and ordering this Oasis dress, they seem to occasionally have selected items in size 18 (wish they would just go up to an 18 in every item), it did fit but just needed some shaper tights underneath to make things smoother. I used this as the perfect excuse to go buy new shoes and a bag, who wouldn't?! The best buy were the shoes originally £46 then reduced in the sale but they had black scuffs all over them, I knew they would come off so after asking at the till I got them for £13.50 in the end. We had a lovely time even if we didn't manage to do much dancing as we left before people had enough drinks to break out the move on the dance floor. 

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